Rules of Procedure

  • Every person staying at the establishment is obliged to register on the entrance cards, for this purpose it will be the owner of the establishment.

  • The check-in time is at 3:00 p.m., the room will be provided at that time.

  • The check-out time is at 12:00 hours, if any guest stays longer, their account will be charged for one more day of stay. There will be a tolerance of 60 min, according to NOM 10-TUR-2002.

  • The charge for the room is generated from the Delivery of the same and the agreed rent will be charged. When registering you must establish your credit or debit card. Or leave a GUARANTEE DEPOSIT of $ 600 pesos per room in exchange for the Room Items, Keys and TV and A / C Controls.

  • For the security and tranquility that we want to offer you and all guests, the hours of the public areas (Pool and Jacuzzi) are from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

  • Access to PETS is allowed upon request. The maximum weight must be 12 lb - 6 kg, as well as belonging to a small breed. Ask the management which Suites are best suited for your pet.

  • No person has the right to give accommodation to another, without the prior consent of management, and therefore, if you need someone to visit, please contact Management to make arrangements for your registration and fee.

  • The hotel is not responsible for services provided by third parties such as: laundry, dry cleaning, transportation and / or medical services.

  • The B&B Hotel is not responsible for valuables left in your room and public areas.

  • The B&B Hotel is not responsible for Damage to your Vehicle within the facilities Upon entering your room, REPORT or NOTIFY any anomaly or damage to Reception.

  • In case you need MEDICAL CARE OR HOSPITAL, the hotel can advise and support you with the list of the closest Doctors and Hospitals. If the disease is contagious due to external causes, it must be transferred on its own to a more suitable place.

  • The establishment has taken adequate security measures and has civil liability insurance in compliance with the NOM 07-TUR-2002 standard.


  • It is forbidden to enter ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES from abroad, to the Hotel facilities.

  • EXTERNAL VISITS in the Suites are forbidden, as well as holding PARTIES or MEETINGS in public areas and corridors of the B&B Hotel. Since this affects the tranquility of the guests.

  • It is forbidden to ALTER the ORDER, as well as to perform acts that lack morality, Good Customs.

  • It is forbidden to make improper use of the Green Areas, as well as to THROW GARBAGE in the general areas of the B&B Hotel.


  • It is strictly forbidden for guests to SMOKE and / or LIGHT FIRE (candles, candles and / or incense) within their rooms and facilities. As well as having substances that, due to their smell or easy decomposition, bother other guests.

  • It is totally forbidden to REMOVE ITEMS, TOWELS AND BED LINEN outside the room and the Hotel. AVOID EXTRAS CHARGES.

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